Here at Western Market we take great pride in providing our customers with the latest innovations in quality foods.  It’s our mission to provide those products as soon as they are made available to us.  In the name of that commitment to excellence, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Fairway Packing Co. in the heart of Detroit’s Eastern Market.  Three generations of the Barrata family strive to deliver superior products through a unique blend of old style packing house quality and service plus state of the art equipment and technology.  Fairway is USDA inspected, HACCP compliant, and has a reputation for being one of the cleanest facilities in the Midwest.  We are very excited about the product lines this new partnership will enable us to deliver to our customer base and the community at large.

A growing number of customers are concerned about the amount of fat and cholesterol that is often associated with meat products.  While consumers demand quality beef that is tender, nutritious, and flavorful, they also want a product that is lean with less of the fat, calories, and cholesterol.  Piedmontese beef is the ideal marriage of all these attributes.

The Piedmontese breed has an interesting history that began in the secluded Piedmont region of northwest Italy protected by the Alps mountain range.  Due to a genetic mutation, this breed has a double copy of the Myostatin gene.  Myostatin is responsible for restricting muscle growth and development.  The double copy mutation of the Piedmontese becomes inactive and no longer allows for restriction of growth.  The result is known as double muscling and was first noted by Italian breeders in 1886.  In fact, muscle development in Piedmontese cattle averages 14% higher than in most other cattle breeds.  The result of this genetic anomaly is a leaner, consistently more tender and flavorful source of red meat protein that still retains the richness of iron, zinc, and other trace minerals while containing a nutritional profile that has less fat, calories, and cholesterol than a boneless skinless chicken breast!  How’s that for health conscious?  Piedmontese is the only beef endorsed by The American Heart Association.  The AHA recommends 300mg of dietary cholesterol per day.  One serving of this beef only attributes to 20% of that daily allowance.  Piedmontese beef is the only choice for the discriminating health conscious customer.

If that wasn’t enough, another great point is that since Piedmontese is so much less fatty than conventional beef it takes much less time to cook.  This is undoubtedly an asset when you consider the busy lifestyle most of us lead in these current times.  Cooking time is reduced by half or one third depending on one’s personal taste and preference.  Beef continues to be the meat of choice for the majority of Americans so here at Western Market we feel we are entrusted with providing options and promoting a cleaner, 100% natural, healthier product that disproves the misconception that all beefs are unhealthy.  Piedmontese is simply better beef.

For those of you with a culinary flair or simply looking to indulge, we direct your attention to Dry Aged and Wagyu beef that are available for same day order.  Fairway’s dry aged beef is hung in a sterile aging room for approximately a month’s time.  During this process moisture within the meat is drawn out thus concentrating and refining the flavors.  The natural enzymes already present in the meat are allowed to further break down connective tissue during this extended aging period resulting in unparalleled tenderness.  Dry Aged steaks offer a decadent dining experience for meat aficionados.  Traditionally only available at fine dining venues, our partnership with Fairway makes this product accessible to our customers on a retail level.

Lastly, those of you familiar with the Kobe name will appreciate our offering of U.S. Wagyu beef.  While Kobe refers to the location in Japan where the Wagyu breed originally attained its notoriety for being recognized as the world’s best beef, Wagyu cattle have been imported to United States ranches in recent years and this top shelf product is now available for purchase via same day order.  This Japanese breed is genetically predisposed to intense marbling, world renowned for increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, exceptionally juicy and tender cuts, and also a much higher omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid profile than conventional beef.  If you appreciate quality or are simply looking to treat yourself, Wagyu is the way to go.

Stop by or call ahead for availability and pricing.  Our knowledgeable staff is committed to a progressive approach in the name of enhancing wellness and pleasing palates.

article by:

Ryan Rathbun (Meat Director)