Essence Alkaline Water is produced nearby in Dearborn, Michigan.  This specially idoized water can have benefits to the consumer, including increased energy, superior hydration, detoxification, and antioxidants.  It has a ph of 7, and the minerals inside prevent your body from becoming too acidic.

While the health benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA, those who drink Essence swear by its uplifting, energizing properties.  There are claims of healthier skin, less craving for sugar, and more energy.  Channel 7 Action News visited the Dearborn plant to find out more about this “miracle water.”  The idea is that because the water molecules are broken down into smaller molecules, they are more easily absorbed by the body, giving a more effective feeling of refreshment.

Watch the interview below, or check out the Channel 7 website to read the entire text.  You can also visit to learn more about this local company.

Essence Alkaline Water is on sale through July 19, 2011.  For the most current sale items, please visit