In the days before refrigeration, Americans would slaughter pigs in the fall and smoke what meat they could not enjoy before it went bad.  The smoked ham took a long time to process, and the first ones were usually ready to eat by Easter.  That’s why ham is the traditional American Easter dinner.

Here at Western Market, the tradition is simple and special to us.  Dearborn Hams are produced locally and known nation-wide for their high quality.  We’ve got them on sale now for the holiday, at just $3.99/lb.  Half hams are available and typically run 7 to 10 lbs.  Call us at (248) 546-7288 to order yours!

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Western Market also has fresh lamb, beef tenderloin and a wide assortment of other fresh meats, fish and poultry.  However you celebrate, please support local business by purchasing your food from here at Western Market.